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Taking care of yourself

Life brings a lot of challenges with home and work, but it's key to prioritize what is most important to you.

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The old way of doing things

Not too many folks nowadays will remember how it used to be in the "old days", but an employee would typically work at a single place for their entire career. Sacrifices were made to make sure your career trajectory was to your liking, but it was easy for someone to just coast through a job and not have to worry about their job security.

Over time, stories have been told how companies started taking advantage of employees and folks would have to shift their work/life balance to concentrate on what their job required. Anyone wanting to keep their job would have to make sure to go with the flow, many times to the detriment of their personal home life.

The new way

With the world having to deal with a global pandemic, things have changed. We not only can work remotely, it has also opened up the eyes of many to take care of themselves first. Gone are the days where someone can be afraid to lose their job, as they can find another one fairly easy. As someone in the tech industry, I've made my own recent change with my job as I felt that I needed to try something new and to clear my head.

The phrase "Change is good" is something which I have taken to heart as I discuss my career with others, many of those conversations with junior employees who I am mentoring.


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